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griffith park
"Firefighter Eric French said that it's believed the blaze began at a golf course on the north side of the park after someone threw a lit cigarette into the brush."

another casualty of "the world is my ashtray" syndrome.

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"the world is my ashtray"

it's not just ashtray but dump. the world is my dump. don't blame this mentality just on smokers.

Re: "the world is my ashtray"

oh i totally agree with you... but you can't really blame fires on the rest of the litterbugs as their garbage isn't usually burning when they toss it ;)

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Re: Screw that last comment.

yo dogg! i was way busy this week but i'll message you soon, i'm 'beau fou homme' on aim if you beat me to it

and get this, i first mention you in entry of 10 (of 1,024 total entries) on this journal, here: http://blodulv.livejournal.com/2690.html

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