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Hamsters & Hamstrings

Jamboni pony

last post in this journal!
everything new (for foreseeable future at least) will be at:

By Land and Sea

play terminator pinball in first-person. of course they would use the best pinball game ever created for this.

i saw two movies today, die harderest and the simpsons movie. i am worn out from being so entertained.

interesting if true
thomas barnett tells you how we fucked up iraq, what we should have done.

is anyone else SERIOUSLY disappointed that the new macbook pro doesn't have the same new keyboard as the regular macbook?

let's go
let's go find napoleon
you wear his hat while i try his coat

"damn," you say, "dude had a small head."

i look like myself in the mirror, trying on old clothes

sweaters my mom made, a blue dinosaur on white wool

or knights with pennants, gone from round tables

it's hardly the time to lower your mask
or raise up your shield

though hearts, once pierced
still beat, but slowly

and giants, once felled
still dwarf their victors

urban decay
this guy is awesome.

rattlesnake skyline
another really wide panorama shotCollapse )

so i spent the weekend writing facebook applications, and the best of the bunch is the advocates' world's smallest political quiz. it's much better than the washington post quiz. if you're on facebook please take the quiz and help spread the word.

small world
jinna wanted a cd from seattle so i made her buy the japanese version of dolour's 2001-2005 cd...

the dude who rings us up goes 'hey, great choice'... i'm like 'yeah?' and dude goes 'yeah, that's my band!' he was so stoked he gave me an extra frequent buyer stamp.

best. graphs. ever.