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Hamsters & Hamstrings

Jamboni pony

John Denver's Ghost
27 December 1982
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I'm Beau.

I read a lot. I listen to a lot of music. I play the electric bass. I am one-half of the Tumbling Assnaughts.
2112, 22/7, =w=, a perfect circle, addiction, aesop rock, alfred bester, amélie, anti-anti, arkology, art, atheism, badly drawn boy, barrel of midgets, bass, bass guitar, bellevue, black sabbath, books, buddhism, buffalo springfield, c'est la vie, camping, cannibal ox, cb450, chuck palahniuk, civil rights, classic rock, click it? stick it, coldplay, collaborative art, comedy, crate digging, crate-digging, crazy horse, cuddles, cuddling, dan simmons, dance, david lynch, def jux, del the funky homosapien, deltron 3030, design, dharma bums, diggin', dorks, douglas adams, dub, errol walker, esbjorn svensson trio, fakepope, foreign films, frank lloyd wright, franz kafka, freedom, gay midgets, graphic design, hieroglyphics, hiking, hiphop, honda, hugs, hyperion, improv, independent films, jack kerouac, jamming, jazz, jazzanova, jethro tull, john zorn, kirkland, kissing, kurt vonnegut, kurtis blow, led zeppelin, libertarianism, liberty, los angeles, love, midget night clubs, minus the bear, motorcycles, music, musical mayhem, neal stephenson, neil young, nerds, nerve.com, neutral milk hotel, new york city, nils lofgren, nyc, old records, oldschool, on the road, parody, people under the stairs, photography, pi, piccolo bass, poetry, political science, politics, popping, psychology, reading, records, red hot chili peppers, requiem for a dream, rjd2, roll another number, rollerskating, rush, sampling, sarcasm, satire, saturday night live, seattle, sex, shenanigans, souls of mischief, suck it dolphin, suicide girls, sunny day real estate, the constitution, the great gatsby, the nerd shack, the sun, the tumbling assnaughts, the ugly ducklings, the upright citizens brigade, tool, turntables, u.s.e., uhf, underground hiphop, upright citizens brigade, vinyl, war pigs, weezer, william blake, william gibson, winter, writing, yes, yoda, young einstein